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Composed and edited by Marshall Leaver, Life Member

What is the Society and Culture Association?

The Society and Culture Association is an avenue for teachers and students to share resources and expertise. It provides a valuable network for teachers and students of Society and Culture throughout New South Wales. The Society and Culture Association was formed in October 1984, and became incorporated in February 1992. We have members for a variety of fields; such as, teachers, students, academics, and various institutions.

How is the Society and Culture Association organised? 

The Society and Culture Association is run by a committee consisting of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and 8 Committee members. The Committee is elected annually at the AGM, and meets monthly to discuss relevant items and issues affecting our members.

Who does the Association aim to help?

From the outset the Association committee members aimed to help both teachers and involve students. 

Assisting Teachers: Professional learning in-service courses are organised each year (see our events page for details). The Association has also played a very important role in assisting country teachers by sending skilled teachers to rural areas to provide advice and link them with other teachers around the state. During 2020 the Association delivered registered professional learning through video options to ensure al members were able to access rich resources and meaningful connections with like minded colleagues.

New teachers of the subject have been a particular concern of the Association and special programs have been arranged to help them link up with more experienced teachers.

Helping students: Each year PIP and HSC Study Days are organised for Year 12 students, and these are always well attended by students and teachers from Sydney, but also from regional schools. Typically over 800 students and 70 teachers travel to the Wesley Centre to hear valuable lectures and participate in seminars. This has been live streamed for our regional members, with delayed video options to use as a classroom resource.

An annual Society and Culture Awards night is organised to reward students who received excellent results in the HSC Examination and in the Personal Interest Project.

Resource Production: The Association has been very active in its resource production over the years, providing teachers with a variety of resources related to the Depth Studies, the Preliminary Course and offering valuable advice on undertaking the Personal Interest Project, as well as providing examination questions.

The journal of the Association – Culturescope – has provided teachers with stimulating articles, suggestions for a variety of teaching methodologies, recommendations for resources and excursions. Other features include frequently asked questions from our friend ‘Dear Pippa’.

Over the years, the Association has demonstrated its commitment to the rigour of the curriculum, and members have responded to the innovative features of the course with enthusiasm.

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Julian Floriano


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