It’s time to put excursion dates in the calendar and/or apply for professional learning!!!

After reviewing member feedback from previous events, the 2019 calendar has been carefully planned to target areas of the course that our members have suggested they would like more support with. We have insightful speakers lined up, to deliver well organised (and well resourced) lectures.

We are excited to bring 3 of our events in the form of a video package. This is the Associations way of supporting those who find it difficult to physically attend on the day. You may be a rural or remote teacher, or this would suit a teacher who finds it hard to take leave. Teachers and students can keep up to date from the comfort of home or school.
Please note these packages are NOT available on the same day. To ensure we are delivering a high quality product, we aim to have a video link to participants within 7-10 working days from filming. This will be confirmed for each event. 

Click here to see the 2019 events for both Teachers and Students of Society and Culture.