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Culturescope, the journal of the Society and Culture Association is issued to members 3 times a year. Each one provides teachers with valuable articles, useful teaching strategies, and insightful lecture notes. The magazine also provides information about the PIP Awards, Inservices and Study Days. As well, members often recommend exhibitions, excursions, movies, digital resources, and books. Digital versions of Culturescope can be accessed by members through the Members section of this website, but please find publicly accessible links to some interesting and useful articles from recent past editions below. If you like these, consider becoming a member of the Society and Culture Association!

For a selection of articles around the theme of 'continuity and change' from recent editions of Culturescope follow these links:

Continuity and change in the Core

Family change in China

Generational change

State Library of New South Wales

The State Library of NSW is one of the great libraries of the world, with a history dating back to 1826. Its renowned historical and contemporary collections, comprising more than six million items, hold the growing memory of our state and nation. 

The Society and Culture Association has a strong relationship with the State Library of NSW. The prize winning PIP's are held in the Library's collection and are available for teachers and students to access. The State Library of NSW also agrees to share these PIP's with other libraries within regional NSW, to ensure equity in accessing these exceptional research projects. The Society and Culture Association hold events at the State Library of NSW including Professional Development days and the Annual Society and Culture Awards Ceremony. We are proud of the partnership that we have with the State Library and acknowledge the valuable resources that are held on the premises and the wealth of information accessible on the website. 

Please click on the following links to access some of the libraries online resources for Society and Culture:

E - learning for schools and teachers
HSC Personal Interest Projects
HSC - what is your top tip video



Preliminary Course

HSC Course

Research Methods