Lets Get PIPping

A resource bank of short videos to support teachers and students through the PIP process

Step One: Decide on the topic to be researched

There’s a PIP in that! Panel advice

There’s a PIP in that! Student Workshop

What is Dear Pippa?

Dear Pippa: Common PIP Questions and Myths

PIP advice from a past Society & Culture student

Step Two: Develop a focus question or hypothesis

Understanding Cross Cultural Perspectives in the PIP

Time as Continuity and/or Change

Research hypotheses: design, purpose and use

Designing an integrated chapter structure

Step Three: Apply the research methods ethically

Researching using the State Library

Step Four: Organise and analyse your research

Once gathered, the information needs to be compiled and organised into manageable amounts so that the researcher can make sense of the findings.These findings then need to be analysed and synthesised. Effective analysis of information (data) gathered through the research methods used is a critical step in any research process.

Socio-cultural literacy and the PIP

The Theoretical: The use of Social Theory in the PIP

Step Five: Writing the conclusion

Writing the conclusion is a critical part of the research process. it is a summary of the key findings and the process may take multiple drafts before the researcher is satisfied with the final product.

Art of Annotation & Logical Log

Creating an analytical and synthesised PIP