Popular Culture Spotlight – Hosted by Morganics

Session 1: LC Beats Sydney based beatboxer, animator and graphic designer.

A conversation exploring the Hip Hop role of mythology in the creation and perpetuation of Hip Hop, including:

  • local lineages of Hip Hop culture, featuring making a video clip for Def Wish Cast and how the genre is perpetuated, with discussion of idea of Hip Hop as ideology
  • continuities and changes in Hip Hop drawing on influences his Yidaki playing and Djalu’s lineage
  • exploring LC Beats online animated advertisement for Adidas and how this reflects perpetuation of the mythology behind Adidas in Hip Hop culture from Run DMC to Missy to French Adidas stores.

Session 2: BGirl Demolition Melbourne based Bgirl, actor, stunt artist and barber.

A conversation on how Hip Hop as a popular culture constructs and deconstructs gender, including:

  • exploring the gendered tensions in the Hip Hop scene for a Bgirl in a very male dominated field
  • illustrating how the genre has changed and which female and male Bgirls/ Bboys have inspired in her work and creativity and the extent to which there has been change to levels of access to work and the industry
  • exploration of the tensions in the construction and deconstruction of gender in BGirl Demolition’s one woman Hip Hop Theatre show.

Session 3: Jonzi DLondon based Hip Hop poet, curator of Breaking Conventions, the longest running Hip Hop Dance Festival in the world.

A conversation on tensions between consumers and producers in Hip Hop as a popular culture, including:

  • exploring examples of tensions and cooperation that exist in the interplay between artists, the production companies and the consumers of Hip Hop
  • illustrating the personal, regional, national and global levels of issues that arise in the interface of Hip Hop culture and established cultural institutions
  • considering the big question: ‘who owns Hip Hop?’

Session 4: MC Thorn – Sydney based MC and Hip Hop Community Artist working at Redfern Community Centre.

A conversation on the different perceptions, control and social change and the near future in Hip Hop as a popular culture, including:

  • exploring how impact of differing perceptions of Hip Hop and how it can be accepted and rejected in community contexts, including examples of how attempts to control Hip Hop have been resolved by those involved
  • exploring interactions between different generations in Hip Hop and the process of engaging Hip Hop tutors to teach the next generation
  • illustrating how changing perceptions and use of Hip Hop culture might develop the genre in the near future (5-10 years).

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